• About Us •

At A.B.C. Dog Training, we are not only committed to creating A Better Canine but also providing quality services and educating dog owners in and around the Greater Montreal area.

Through my experience, commitment, and respect for man's oldest and most devoted companion, I have developed and use a unique method of evaluating and training dogs.

Fairness dictates that some consideration be given to each dog's specific learning curve, past experiences, and behavior in determining which method of training will be the most effective.

Through a series of dynamic, straight forward, and personalized courses, a common language will be built; understanding each other is the key to success.

• Biography •

 Todd Barlow 
 Professional Dog Trainer 

As a certified professional dog trainer specializing in all aspects of canine education, obedience training, and behavior modification, I use a flexible methodology with emphasis on the family unit and increased pet / owner communication. My methods will not only train your dog but will also prepare you to continue the training and the knowledge to prevent future behavior problems.

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